Best camping experience

Our Team who was there from the very beginnings of Yala Safari Camping was real wild life and nature lovers born and raised in the surroundings of Yala Natonal Park. Most of our childhood memories are connected with the jungle wildlife. The love and knowledge we gained since our childhood came into life with our first campsite in 2003. Since then we could gain the reputation as one of the best safari camping providers of South Asia from the courage of ours and the continuous satisfaction thus came from our guests.

Unique location

Our campsite is located in the best spot in the area. Further away into the wilderness, On top of a small cliff that offers an unobstructed view of the entire 5 blocks of Yala National Park up to the ocean. With no human activities in the near surrounding, our campsite offers a real wildlife experience to our guests. 


Deep into the wilderness

Our campsite is one of the most remote campsites in the entire area. Thus making it the most adventurous campsite. Our campsite is well protected form wildlife and mosquitos and equipped with all the luxuries of a hotel!

Breathtaking views

Our open deck restaurant which is built on top of a cliff offers the best view out of a hotel in the entire region. You'll be looking at the vast wilderness of the magnificent Yala like nobody else!

Eco friendly approach

The whole campsite is designed in an Eco friendly concept. We use Solar power for our entire energy needs. Palmyra leaves are used for roofing since it is one of the best naturally available insulation medium for temperature control.
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