Since 1994,  the team of “ Sri Lanka Yala Safari”  built up its well-earned reputation as one of the best safari  & campsite  provider  in Yala. It is managed by a well established team, each with their special talents. Hands-on management has always been the trademark and this style is displayed in our website. Each and every member knows the animals and the plants of Yala  like the back of his hand and is a respected name in Yala camping when it comes to guiding and conservation..

Our satisfied clientele include wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, ornithologists, and the families on holiday. We provide the best possible service to our customers, from observing leopards, elephants and bird life to enjoying the panoramic views and diverse habitats of the National Parks.

Our excellent knowledge of wildlife behaviour and respect for the fauna and flora of the National Park, guarantees our guests a pleasurable experience in enjoying the pristine jungles of Yala where time has stood still for millennia.